Human Fighter with a penchant for intrigue and subterfuge.


Kasabian Hawkins, or Hawkins as he is mostly known, is an Agent of the Shield of the human Federation of Arswell.


Hawkins grew up in a military family. Both his parents serve in the military and are currently stationed in different fleets overseeing the engineering of some of the defenses for Arswell. He was enrolled into officer’s school at a young age and did well enough to be pulled into the Shield Arm (intelligence branch of the military) right out of school. He spent time working on combat and deception training, won a medal for valor in sabotage operations against raiders on outlying islands. At 36, he has seen enough of the military life to know that no all is well in Arswell and asking questions got him in trouble.

He learned through civilian engineers that the islands are beginning to sink. During his conversation about this, he was being watched and was pulled into room to be questioned about his knowledge. The sinking is a well-kept secret, and knowledge of it is usually grounds for termination, lest it incite panic in the Federation. While being interrogated, he never wavered from the lie that he had done nothing wrong. This was oddly what saved him from court martial.

The Shield turned him into an agent, with the task of gathering information and making contacts that could lead to the knowledge of the magic that keeps islands afloat for long after the Journey Stones have lost their power. He has a way of giving and receiving information with a contact in the Shield, but other than that, he is autonomous. Inside the Arswell military, he holds the rank of Lieutenant, though most do not know why. (Military ranks in Arswell are Navy)

He has been tested, but is by no means exceptional in any form. He is aware that his mission is important, and that he will need to hone his skills and contacts to succeed. Given no funds for exploration or gear, he has gone to Spindles End to make contacts and hopefully gain employment as a privateer to investigate strange new areas in search of ways to save Arswell.


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